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<center>ϟ☼ ᛋᛁᚷᚱ᛭ᛞᚱᛁᚠᚨ ☼ϟ
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•━━━━━━━« ♛ »━━━━━━━•</center>
<font color="black"><font face="Georgia">The son of a Muggle physician and a journalist witch.

Notoriously neurotic due to the high expectations of his parents, James spends most of his time wallowing in books, in all kinds of music, and in absurd amounts of coffee to keep him steady on his feet.</font face></font color><center>
•━━━━━━━« ♛ »━━━━━━━•

<font face="Garamond"><font size=4>☞ <font color=#119B17>CHARACTER INFORMATION</font color> ☜</font size></font face></center>
<font color="black"><font face="georgia">Name: James Edward Howell
Blood status: Half-Blood
Patronus: Crow
Pet: Eagle Owl (named “Pyrois”)</font face></font color>
<details><summary>Miscellaneous/Additional Information</summary>
<center><font face="Garamond"><font size=3>HOBBIES, INTERESTS, AND RUNES</font size></font face></center>
Back at his family's estate, he owns an Irish Wolfhound named "Breandán", whom he often took with him when he's horse riding across the family grounds or when he's sailing along the Irish coastline.

Other areas of his interests include reading through the books in the manor library, practicing archery, playing the piano, and perfecting the art of preparing all types of coffee.

Despite being raised in the traditional Muggle education befitting a young aristocratic gentleman, James is well-versed with runes. This came from his extensive (and unsupervised) exploration of the countryside and old ruins in Ireland, where vestiges of Ancient Celtic and Nordic magic carved on stones are still present. As a result, he is familiar with druid magic and he became proficient in Germanic Runes (<font color=#33adff>ᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲ</font color>) and Celtic Ogham |<font color=#33adff>᚛ᚑᚌᚆᚐᚋ᚜</font color>|.

He was more than delighted when a vine wand chose him when he entered Ollivander's shop. Vine, as James was well aware, was the unusual wood used by druids to make wands.

<font color=#8000ff><font face="garamond">VINE</font face></font color> is also the corresponding wood that governs his Celtic tree astrology birth month. <font face="garamond"><font color=#8000ff>Muin</font color></font face> |᚛ᚋᚒᚔᚅ᚜| or "grape vine" covers September 2 to 29.</details>
<center><font face="Garamond"><font size=3><font color="black">WAND</font color></font size></font face>
</center><font color="black"><font face="georgia">※ Vine wood</font face>
⊙ <font face="georgia">Dragon heartstring</font face>
‡ 11¼ <font face="georgia">inches</font face>
§ <font face="georgia">Unbending</font face></font color>
<details><summary>Garrick Ollivander's notes on vine wands.</summary>
<center>An excerpt on
<font face="Garamond"><font color=#8000ff>VINE WAND</font color></font face></center>
"I have been intrigued to notice that their owners are nearly always those witches or wizards who seek a greater purpose, who have a vision beyond the ordinary and who frequently astound those who think they know them best. Vine wands seem strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depths, and I have found them more sensitive than any other when it comes to instantly detecting a prospective match."

- Ollivander on Wand Woods (Pottermore)
<center>•━━━━━━━« ♛ »━━━━━━━•

<font face="Garamond"><font size=4>☞ <font color=#119B17>STUDENT INFORMATION</font color> ☜</font size></font face></center><font face="georgia">
<font color="black">House:</font color> <font color=#119B17>Slytherin</font color>
<font color="black">Year level: 1st
Career choice: Healer</font face></font color>

<center><font color="black"><font face="Garamond"><font size=3>EDUCATION</font size></font face></font color></center><details><summary><font color="black">First Year Progress</font color></summary><table border=“1” cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<tr bgcolor=#118016><td colspan="2"><center><font color="white"><font face="Garamond">※ FIRST YEAR ※</font color></font face></center></td></tr><tr bgcolor=#E2E2E2><td colspan="2"><center><font color="black">CORE CLASSES</font color></center></td></tr><tr><th><center>COURSE</center></th><th><center>STATUS</center></th></tr><tr><td>Astronomy</td><td><font color="red">Not started</font color></td></tr><tr><td>Charms</td><td><font color="red">Not started</font color></td></tr><tr><td>Defense Against the Dark Arts</td><td><font color="red">Not started</font color></td></tr><tr><td>Herbology</td><td><font color="red">Not started</font color></td></tr><tr><td>History of Magic</td><td><font color="red">Not started</font color></td></tr><tr><td>Potions</td><td><font color=#119B17 >ONGOING</font color></td></tr><tr><td>Transfiguration</td><td><font color=#119B17>ONGOING</font color></td></tr></table></details>
<center>•━━━━━━━« ♛ »━━━━━━━•

<font face="Garamond"><font size=4>☞ DISCLAIMER ☜</font size></font face></center> Outside of the Wizarding World, I’m a medical student. I’m going to apologize in advance for “occasional” long periods of absence. Please understand that I will be busy <font color="red">75-90%</font color> of the time, and that I mostly see my "courses and lessons" on this site as a pleasant hobby to balance to my <strike>death-inducing</strike> graduate studies.

I grew up with the HP books. Although it’s under the YA genre and I'm now transitioning out of that phase of my life, I still consider the series to be an integral part of my formative years.

<details><summary>“What's your HiH account for?”</summary><font face="Garamond">CASUAL LEARNING</font face><font color=#119B17>I'm mostly here for the academic side of the website.</font color> It's what led me to make an account. The magical lessons are arguably more interesting than our Muggle classes. If reading is your hobby, you might as well take it up a notch and pretend you're enrolled in a fictional school; turn your casual reading into a semi-learning experience.</details>
<details><summary>“What roleplays are you into?”</summary><font face="Garamond">CAN'T RP, WON'T RP</font face> I'm not really good at roleplays since I have very little to no experience for it at all. <font color=#119B17>I'm sorry if you want to roleplay with me, but I will have to politely decline</font color> (for both our sakes, lol). This doesn't mean that I'm not open to making conversations, no. You can still send owls to my inbox!</details>
<details><summary>“Can I post/advertise on your wall?”</summary> <font face="Garamond">I PREFER TO KEEP AN AESTHETIC WALL</font face>
To avoid spam and solicitations, <font color=#119B17>you cannot post on my wall unless I follow you</font color>, but again, you can send me a message if you want to reach me. My owl, Pyrois, will <strike>eventually</strike> deliver my response when I find the time to reply.</details>

<center><font color=#12B5EE>ϟ☼ ᚺᛖᚱ᛫ᚠᛖᚱᚱ᛫ᚺᚨᚠᛞᛃᚨᚱᚠᚱ ☼ϟ</font color>

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