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I'm a Slytherin. It wasn't all that surprising - I come from a long line of wizards and witches and we'd been expecting a Slytherin in the family soon enough. I was almost a hatstall though. Apparently I 'would have made a great Ravenclaw' or whatever. My favourite subjects are charms, ancient runes and potions and my least favourite was divination (I took it for about a week). As far as I know, I'm a pureblood. That said, everyone has muggle blood somewhere, right? Being a pureblood has its advantages and disadvantages. We're in with the highest-class wizards and witches there are, but it also means I regularly have to commit to lengthy evenings talking about politics or similar topics.
My greatest strength is probably my resourcefulness and ability to lead. We don't talk about my weaknesses. As for after school, let's just say I'm keeping my options open. Although curse-breaker and dragon-handler are rather high on my list.
The most fascinating aspect of Magic has got to be spells, enchantments, curses and hexes. Call me a nerd if you will.
What do I really want? Interesting question. I think that's something I'll keep to myself, if I may.
Pets. We do really jump from topic to topic, don't we? Yes, I have pets. A black cat called Medusa, A snake called Salem (the school don't know about that one) and an owl called Ash. There's not much to say about them really.
Family business is family business and it will remain so under my watch.
As for anything else... I do enjoy playing quidditch and i try to do so in my spare time. I play beater, and I'm considering trying ofor the house team this year. We'll see.

(disclaimer: ophelia the character is prettier than me irl. k thanks bye)
(also play among us with me. thats all thanks)

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