Emilia Holland


“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” – Sirius Black

  • Joined October 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 80 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


My name is Emilia Holland and I am a first year here at Hogwarts. I was sorted into Ravenclaw (like my father), and I couldn't be happier. My mother is a muggle, which makes life pretty interesting. Being a half-blood, I have knowledge about both the muggle and wizarding world. It's fascinating how these worlds are so different, yet they intertwine where you'd least expect it.

I have grown up going to muggle school, to learn how to read, write, and do basic math. My parents felt that it was best for me to go to muggle school before heading to Hogwarts when I turned 11 because that way, I would know what school was like. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed going to school in the muggle world, but I knew that I ultimately belonged at Hogwarts. I began showing signs of magic when I was around 5 years old, making some of my toys move and accidently vanishing food off my plate that I didn't like (like peas and squash). My father was so overjoyed when I first started exhibiting signs or magical ability. He graduated top of his class at Hogwarts, as well as holding the title of head boy and prefect for Ravenclaw House. He is now a Ministry head in the department of international magical cooperation. My mother is a music teacher at a muggle high school.

Since I am in my first year, I have so many new things to experience. I hope to be able to try out for the quidditch team once I'm old enough for the position of keeper. I have been following the Falmouth Falcons since I was little, and my father takes me to see some of their matches when we can. I love muggle musical theatre and I am really looking forward to auditioning for the Hogwarts Concert Band. I play the trombone and it would mean everything to me to be able to fill the halls of Hogwarts with wonderful music. I have a short-eared owl named Mercury, which my parents bought for me before I started here at Hogwarts. My wand is 10 in, rosewood and unicorn hair, reasonably bendy. I don't know my patronus yet, but hopefully will soon with practice! I don't know my animagus, but I would really like to be one someday. Some of my favorite classes are charms and potions. I pride myself in my intellectual abilities and my creativity. Some of my favorite things are quidditch, music, exploding snap, chocolate frogs, sugar quills, pumpkin juice, reading, hanging out with friends, and learning. I am always looking to make new friends, regardless of what house you are in!
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