Ella Amethyst


If I am not studying, I'll be on the Quidditch field or working on an article for the paper!

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 3365 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Muggle-born from America. I have magical ancestors on my father's side. Almost started to accept that I was just a Muggle myself until I found out that my letter had been lost for some time, but now I finally get my chance!
I aspire to one day work for the Ministry of Magic in the Dept of Mysteries.
I came here with knowledge of the healing arts. I am a starseed and have many psychic abilities. I am super creative and love art, writing and engineering.

[Random Info. About Me:]

Elder wood with a Phoenix Feather core.

*[Patronous]: a Cat

Sagittarius (sun), Libra (moon), Capricorn (rising)

Calico Cat

*[Greatest Strength]:
Unusually strong willpower

-Writer for Team Daily Prophet
-Keeper on Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

*[Grades & Studies]:

>Core Classes<
Charms-101: (waiting on grades)
Potions-101: O/97%
Transfiguration-101: (waiting on grades)
Astronomy-101: O/92%
Herbology-101: O/94%
Defense Against Dark Arts-101: O/98%
History of Magic-101: O/92%

Charms-201: (waiting on grades)
Potions-201: (in progress)
Transfiguration-201: (waiting on grades)
Astronomy-201: O/97%
Herbology-201: EE/87%
Defense Against Dark Arts-201: O/91%
History of Magic-201: O/95%

Astronomy-301: (in progress)
Defense Against Dark Arts-301: (waiting on grades)
History of Magic-301: (in progress)

Alchemy-201: O/93%
Care of Magical Creatures-201: O/99%
Divination-201: O/96%
Ancient Runes-201: O/98%

Alchemy-301: O/96%
Care of Magical Creatures-301: (in progress)
Divination-301: O/95%
Ancient Runes-301: (in progress)
Muggle Studies-301: (in progress)

Alchemy-401: O/95%
Divination-401: O/96%

Alchemy-501: O/99%
Divination-501: O/95%

Divination O.W.L.: O/98%
Alchemy O.W.L.: (waiting on grades)

Alchemy-601: (in progress)
Magical Art-601: (in progress)
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