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Name- Reina Woodwell
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Straight
Age- 17
Parents- Alexis and Lukas Woodwell
House- Ravenclaw
Likes- reading
Dislikes- Slytherins
Small backstory-
Reina was the product of a love spell her mother used on her father. She isn’t a social butterfly like her mother was or a perfect student like her father. She is merely in between perfect and horrible.

Name- Derrick Aspen Harper
Gender- Male
Sexuality- Confused
Age- 15
Parents- Martha and Gerald Harper
House- Hufflepuff
Likes- reading entire series’ in one sitting
Dislikes- rude people
Small backstory-
Derrick is a book worm who will most likely be found in the library. If you want someone interesting look up his brother Valerian Harper.

Name- Valerian Dillon Harper
Gender- Male
Sexuality- Bi-Curious
Age- 18
Parents- Martha and Gerald Harper
House- Slytherin
Likes- hexing people
Dislikes- rules
Small backstory-
Valerian is the rule breaker of the Harper family, well more like the hot disappointment. He’s nearly failing out of school but he keeps his composure and hair fixed. Also, he can’t tie his tie correctly.

Name- Lillianna Marie Heel
Gender- Female
Sexuality- confused
Age- 13
Parents- Stella and Adam Heel
House- Gryffindor
Likes- Slytherin’s and the piano
Dislikes- hexes
Small backstory-
Lillianna or Lilly is the youngest of 7. She gets the highest grades out of all her siblings. She takes an interest in the Slytherin’s because she’s told to stay away from them.


~~~~~Post Apocalyptic~~~~~
Name- Emmelaine (Laine) Carson
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Straight
Age- 16
Parents- Unknown
Children- Caine Carson (male) Killian (female)
Likes- Bow and arrow, fighting
Dislikes- People who hurt her or her family
Small backstory- Laine was in an Orphanage before everything happened. About a year after the day everything fell she found the twins in a house. She runs alone except for the fact she has 4 year old twins following close behind her. They found peace behind The Wall. But when it fell she was separated from everyone except the twins. Without a plan she runs from place to place looking for peace.

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