Hi! I'm Fae. I'm 20, live in EST, and my pronouns are she/her! I'm a college student so I'm busy a lot, but I love to rp!

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My OC's

~Lydea "Dea" Wayland~ Gryffindor, 6th Year

Appearance: (FC - Daria Milky) Standing at 5'0 and weighing no more than 100lbs, Lydea is a tiny thing. She's lean and somewhat muscular for her size. Her hair, a fine shock of rusty red, hangs just over her shoulders, and her face is framed by slight curtain bangs. Her large, almond-shaped eyes are the color of a dark, reddy whiskey, and are almost always sparking with mischief. Her skin is pale, and covered in freckles from time spent in the sun, with a healthy splattering across her nose. She's an odd beauty, with an angular, pixieish facial structure, and a strong jawline. With a button nose and sharp angles and a permanent smirk, "trouble" seems to be stamped on her forehead. She has a noticeable scar above her left eyebrow that stretches up toward her hairline, though it is hidden by her hair. She also has a long, gash-like scar down the outside of her left thigh.

Personality: Lydea can be quite blunt. She's honest, easy to anger, and always seems to be simmering below the surface. She's pretty, something her paternal grandmother claims Lydea inherited from her mother and not her father, and her small stature makes her feel fragile in the eyes of those who don't know her. So she puffs herself up. Makes herself seem bigger, brasher, harsher, sterner in front of strangers.

Dea can be sensitive in terms of sheer rage, and her temper is a ticking time-bomb. She's very impulsive, and quick to anger. She's even quicker still to act on her emotions. It's gotten her in trouble before, but nothing that she couldn't handle. Unless she's working on a weapon or repairs, she typically jumps into things without a plan. However, she is an empathetic soul, no matter how much she tries to hide it. She cares deeply for others, so deep it can endanger her own wellbeing, sometimes.

Lydea is loyal, especially to her friends and family. She doesn't take threats against them lightly, and can be quite aggressive and protective when it comes to their safety. She's a determined thing, and stubborn as hell. She feels an intense need to finish every argument, which may be linked to the fact that she often feels as though she must prove herself and her worth.

History: Dea grew up in Killarney, Ireland (so yes, she's Irish), which is a pretty small town considering the population is under fifteen thousand. Her da's (Ian Wayland) from Wiltshire, England, but he moved to Australia when he was ten. He met her mother (Joslyn) while she was on holiday there, so he moved to Killarney with her and now he builds boats (really nice ones at that) for a living. He's some sort of architect. Joslyn runs a shop where she makes and sells clothes. She always wanted to be a designer, but never had the money to move anywhere else. Dea has a Norwegian Forest Cat named Hester, with a black and blue coat. Lydea's wand is 11.5" Cedar, Phoenix Feather Core, Slightly Springy. It has a lightly curved handle and appears to have a very subtle flame motif.

Fun Facts: At home, Dea has a sport-style motorbike. It's where she got the scars. She once got caught sneaking it into Hogwarts and received detention for two months. (It may still be at Hogwarts, but she hasn't been caught with it...yet) She pierced her own ears several times, and has a constellation-style cluster on her left ear. She's on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a seeker, which makes sense, since she's a speed demon as is.

Her patronus is a European wildcat, and her animagus form is that of a red fox.

Sexuality: Straight

~Aidan Ravenchild~ Slytherin, 6th Year

Appearance: (FC - Aaron Bernards) Aidan stands at around 6'2, with a lean, muscled frame--not in a way that's bulky, but in a way that makes him look long and lithe. He weighs roughly 200lbs. His skin is tan, and his hair is nearly black, shaped in an undercut (short on the sides, long fluffy on top), with a slight widow's peak. His intelligent eyes are a deep, chocolate brown, framed in black lashes and the prideful, strict angles of his face. He's constantly wearing a smirk.

Personality: Aidan has masks, so to speak, and many of them. In front of his harsh, unrelenting father, he is the obedient boy. In front of his alcoholic mother, he is the concerned, doting son. In front of Isaac, his younger brother, he's the role model, the good guy, the hero. In front of other Pureblood socialites and upper class wizarding citizens, he is the charming, exuberant heir to the Ravenchild fortune that just cannot get enough of life--and that the young women just cannot get enough of. In front of suitors, temporary or potential, he's flirtatious, passionate, indulgent.

In reality, he's so lonely.

Aidan grew up taking all the beatings from his father. Aidan grew up hiding the truth of just how detached his mother was from Isaac. Aidan grew up protecting Isaac from the worst. Aidan grew up pretending for the crowds, for the portraits, for the parties. Aidan grew up trying to find a home for himself in other people.

He's lonely, and desperate for human interaction, and love, god he wants love. Aidan craves love and attention and romance, and to have a person in his life (other than his brother or best friend) be stable and constant for once. No matter how many nice things he buys them, no matter the kind words he says, no matter the time he spends with them, something always seems to go wrong. And he always blames it on himself. He's too compassionate, he's been told. Too kind. But also too attached. Too selfish. And then, surprisingly, by one particularly partner, too afraid to commit. And he'll most likely be betrothed soon, which terrifies him.

With his father breathing down his neck, and the incoming weight of the family company and fortune soon to fall upon his shoulders as the eldest, Aidan knows he has a limited amount of time left to actually search for love. Soon it will be a matter of just being married, instead of being happy.

History: Aidan is the eldest son of Silas Ravenchild, a wizarding publishing company owner, and Lian (anglicized as Lianne after she became a British citizen) Ravenchild, the daughter of a wealthy Pureblood Chinese merchant. Silas met Lian's father on a business trip to Hong Kong, and after settling his dealings, he inquired as to her state of marriage and whether or not her father would be interested in moving up in the world--as in, moving his daughter to England.

And it was settled. Lian, nearly a decade and a half younger than Silas, and only able to speak moderate amounts of English, was pulled out from her home and dragged halfway across the world to marry a man she didn't know, purely because he'd "liked the look of her". Their relationship had been fine at first, while she learned the language and how to "behave" (according to her new husband) in this new society. But as time went on, and after she had Aidan's little brother, Isaac...things began to change.

Silas began to return at later and later hours from work, more disheveled and drunker than Lian had ever seen him, and she began to think the worst--that he was gambling, drinking, seeing a mistress. Out of fear for herself and her children, and sadly out of love, she didn't want to know what he was doing. So Lian withdrew into herself, began to drink and shop recklessly, and didn't spend as much time with her children.

So at the age of seven, Aidan began to really, grow up without a maternal or paternal figure. He became a sort of guiding for his brother, but he had nothing for himself. He did as he pleased, and the consequences were truly unbecoming.

Fun Facts: Aidan's wand is 12 3/4" Spruce, Dragon Heartstring Core, Stiff. His patronus is a hawk, as will his animagus form once he completes his training. Aidan has a history of throwing some of the best parties Hogwarts has ever seen, and has peculiar ways of smuggling in alcohol.

Sexuality: He's bi bi bi, but his father would kill him and bury him in a two-foot grave so...

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