Healer,fairy,witch & muggle

Me I am half-witch & half-fairy also study Animal care in muggle College in witch know as Healing.fairy but also half deaf fairy and Dyspraxia.

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Despite living in Edinburgh and receiving a Hogwarts letter, I was stuck being homeschooled. Scrofungulus is no picnic, let me tell you! The fairly contagious infection causes multicolored mushrooms to sprout from odd places on the neck and, at least in my case, occasionally spark. It took several years to finally clear up the infection, and my voice is soft as a whisper, but I didn’t spend that time just laying around. I spent time researching the ailment, of course, and I’m just glad I didn’t come down with something worse, like Vanishing Sickness! I was able to complete my O.W.Ls and N.E.W.T.s just a year behind schedule and began my post-secondary education when I was eighteen. If you haven’t guessed, I work on the Second Floor in the Magical Bugs and Diseases department.
She thought herself I got new powers I half fairy and half witch but need go back to muggle world study become a writing never be healing fairies and witch as all want work with animals so it plan B for now I took the pledge! Join me and take the 30-day Writing Challenge on @Wattpad. #justwriteit
My half-fairy and half-witch powers going strong by the day one day become most powerfull good fairies and half-witch but only can do good magic before my witch powers and fairies power I was muggle if I trick go to darkside my powers be take away from me forever ask why at spell I said at end from witch to fairy but not going let at happiness now in muggle world try hide my power
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