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(2nd year Student) My life has always been rough. When I was six, my pureblood father Krago killed my pureblood mother Jasmine, and corrupted my oldest brother Joseph. My second older brother Peter saved me from him, right before the aurors came. My little sister Natalie was three at the time and slept through the whole thing, bless her annoying heart. I haven't had the heart to tell her what happened. I've lived at my pureblooded Aunt Rhena and Uncle Brogard Elderbridick's ever since. My cousin Marcello dislikes me but loves Natalie, and not a day goes by where I don't argue with Uncle Brogard.
I got my letter when i was eleven years old. I was shut off from the world, sarcastic, and rather mean. I was wasting my life, and fading without knowing it. I was metaphorically dying. Then I met this really optimistic and happy girl named Julia Mason; she got on my nerves at first. She was so happy, all the time! Her friends didn't like me; go figure, I'm a Kettleburn. Then, I started getting attached to this Mason girl, and eventually she wiggled her way into my heart. We're best friends now. I became friends with her friends Eleanor Mackentire and Dunban "Dipper" Lesket. Lesket is a Gryffindor, Ellie is a Ravenclaw, Juli is a Hufflepuff of course, and I am in Slytherin. We're the stride rag-tag group of friends ever. Still, Juli keeps me and Lesket from ripping each other to shreads, so everything's good.
I still hate my family, sans Peter and Natalie. Uncle Brogard is still pushing me to be the perfect blood-purist pureblood that my father was, and Marcello is still trying to train me in the dark arts. Peter is off at Durmstrang all the time, and is living with some family over there while I'm stuck here. Really only my friends are what gets me through.
No one told my life would be this rough. I figured that out myself. And you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
Here's to you, Jules. You saved my life.
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