Rowyn Althea Faenyx

Student/Avid Reader/Tutor

Strikhedonia, Nemophilist, Solivagant, Ceraunophile, Dendrophile, Nyctophile.

  • Joined January 2016
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 908 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Name: Rowyn Althea Faenyx
Birthday: October 31st
Birthplace: Delphi, Greece
Blood Status: Pureblood
Other: Morphamagi

Wand: 13" Yew with Dragonheartstring, Unyielding
Favorite Pet: Eagle Owl named Archimedes
Patronus: Dragon

Intended Occupation: Auror or Professor

Mother- Kaida Serefina Faenyx (Maiden: Sidero) (39)- Magizoologist
Father- Kauri Zelen Faenyx (43)- Chief Auror
Brother- Kai Vesper Faenyx (19)- Hit Wizard
Sister- Zari Kimba Faenyx (19)- Curse-Breaker

~General Appearance~
4'9" and 79lbs. Athletic build but extremely geeky. Mostly seen wearing hoodies and a beanie. Born with flaming short red hair and electric green eyes, but his appearance changes to suit his mood often since he is a morphamagi.

History/Background/Relevant Information:
The youngest of the Faenyx family, Row was born in Delphi, Greece into a very intelligent and strong family. He is a morphamagi on his mothers side and shares that trait with his twin siblings. He was homeschooled until he received his Hogwarts letter at age 11. Up until that point he had traveled everywhere with his parents and grew a strong interest in learning new things. His family thought they would have another Ravenclaw like his siblings and mother, but when he arrived at Hogwarts he was sorted into Slytherin like his father. He has huge aspirations to be a great wizard and plans to take every class Hogwarts has to offer. Now only if he can make a few friends along the way...
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