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I was born 19 years ago to a family of Muggles. My parents were astonished but pleased when my Hogwarts letter arrived. I immensely enjoyed my life at school, as well as my summers in picturesque Inverness. In my 6th year, after much research and talks with Professor Flitwick, it was determined that a career as a spell researcher would be best for me. I have always loved Latin, history, and travel, so it seemed like a good fit. I worked hard at my N.E.W.T.s, and graduated with an excellent record. Flourish and Blotts had been looking to embellish their Standard Book of Spells with some more recent information, and I was hired on as part of a team of researchers. I'm currently stationed in America, investigating the role of MACUSA in spell development. It's fascinating stuff, but I have to remain mostly undercover because of rules against no-Maj relations. Anyways, it's been lovely to talk to you!
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