Creature Giude For Blinkered People

written by Zee Scamander

This book will be a giude on as many magical creatures is i can find.

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Chapter 1


Nifflers were rodent-like creatures with a long beige snout similar to that of a platypus and a coat of Black, White, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, fluffy fur. Native to Britain, they lived in burrows as deep as twenty feet below ground, and females produced six to eight young in a single litter. A Niffler's pouch can hold an infinite number of items.


The Niffler is gentle and even affectionate towards it’s owner. They are attracted to shiny things, which makes them wonderful for locating treasure, but that also meant that they could wreak havoc or can be destructive to belongings if kept (or set loose) indoors without the proper arrangements.


Nifflers are herbivores, eating the different plants and roots in their lairs. They tend to eat weeds and shrubs, though they will not eat flowering plants. They are also rather smart when it comes to their food, and will not eat poisonous plants like poison ivy or oleanders.


Be aware of where your Niffler hoards its shiny objects; otherwise, you might find yourself waist deep in a pile of golden trinkets.


When a niffler has a clogged snout it delays the Niffler searching for its prize, the disorder can reach disastrous proportions. It may be unpleasant, but Niffler bogeys aren’t nearly as thick and gooey as troll bogeys. Take the time to take care of your Niffler’s snout and you’ll avoid disaster. When cleaning, make sure to use lukewarm water and a turkey baster; you should never attempt to Vanish the phlegm from your Niffler’s nose.


Both the wizarding world and the Muggle world have an abundance of shining, glittery objects that your Niffler won’t be able to resist.


If anyone except for trained Magizoologists keep Nifflers especially as house pets, make sure you know how to take care of your niffler


Tips for Niffler Care

  1. If you must bring your Niffler outside the confines of your home, please keep it securely on a leash.

  2. Clean out your Niffler's snout.

  3. Designate a Niffler-safe zone in your garden.

  4. Give your Niffler plenty of love and affection.


And I woulden't recomend keeping Bowtruckles and Niffler in the same room. The Bowtruckle could pick the lock to the Nifflers cage and then your Niffler would be on the lose which is not good.


Sorry that there are only three chapters but these are my favourite creatures and i promis i will write more chapters soon.

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