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Hi there! Welcome to my profile. Feel free to send me an owl, I love making new friends!

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I was born into a Muggle family, or so I thought. We were all completely surprised to receive a letter from Hogwarts, and my parents, who knew nothing about magic, thought it was a joke. Imagine our surprise when my grandmother breaks into tears that finally there was another witch in the family. We found out that she had been a student at Hogwarts, but when my mother showed no signs of magic, she didn't share the information for the sake of being made a mockery in the wizarding world. She brought my mom to the muggle world, and raised her to away from magic. Her list of reasons is lengthy, but the most important to her being that she didn't want my mother to think she had something wrong with her, and to see her friends go off to wizarding schools and she be stuck as an outcast in their eyes.
I have always been different, but not in a very obvious way. I just always felt like I was meant for something bigger and since becoming a student at Hogwarts, I finally felt I was on the right path.
I do have a fur baby, my cat, Lucy. She is a little moody but I love her! Although the sorting hat had been torn between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, he did eventually pick Gryffindor. I love my house and what we stand for. I love a challenge. I have an excellent memory and love to learn, but I'm not physically aggressive. I would much rather outsmart than overpower.
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