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Far before the time of Harry Potter, I was a Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts. I lived a fairly average life, the troubles of exams, I had friends, etc. One night in my fourth year, that changed. I was walking through the library, looking for a book for a paper I was writing when I saw a book jutting out of the bookcase. Curious, I took the book off the shelf and examined it. To my surprise, it was a book from the Restricted Section. I debated handing to book over to Madame Pince, but instead, I decided to read a little. Upon reading the book, I became immersed in the Dark Arts. I decided to take the book with me and headed back to my dorm. Whenever someone wasn't looking, I would read the book, absorbing the knowledge inside greedily.
At the end of my fifth year, I had finished the book, yet I hadn't tried out any of the spells or potions. There was one potion I was particularly interested in, one that would grant the drinker infinite knowledge. Althroughout my last year at Hogwarts, I set about my task. I often had to steal supplies from the Potion Professor's storage closet. Finally, in the end of my sixth year, I had done it! I had completed the potion! I took and drink. At first, nothing. Then, unimaginable pain filled my head. I screamed in agony. Why? Why had I done this?!! The potion bottle broke as I fell to the ground, dead.
The potion did fulfill my wish, however. I had all the time in the world to study. I no longer am interested in the Dark Arts. In fact, I am quite afraid of it. I became one of the many ghosts to haunt Hogwarts. I lied about how I died, said it was an accident in the classroom. I was known as "The Ashen Scholar" given as only my last name, Ash, was known by the other ghosts (I hadn't revealed my first name to anyone as then they could easily pinpoint me as the girl who died from the Dark Arts.) and from the fact I was always reading. I helped out my old house, helping first-years around and helping seventh-years studying for exams. Sometimes, I wish I was like them. Alive and well.
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