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My mom is a descendant of the infamous Black family. She was banished from the family tree for a few reasons, the first of which stemmed from being sorted into Gryffindor. She fell in love with a muggle that she and her friends met while sneaking out to a local muggle village during her years at Hogwarts (my dad) and married him, and then along came me a little while later! Obviously, marrying a muggle in the Black family is a sure fire way to be disinherited, so that also meant that none of them were interested in me (save for a few of our relatives who were also thrown off the family tree.) Around the age of 3, I started showcasing my magical ability in a big way, and it became a bit too much for my dad to handle. He and my mom started arguing a lot, and ended up getting a divorce. My mom re married a half blood wizard whom I have called dad ever since. When it finally came time for me to go off to Hogwarts, my mom and stepdad were super excited: she was a Gryffindor, he was a Ravenclaw, and each hoped I would be sorted into their respective house. I've never been too brace and while I consider myself to be pretty intelligent, I didn't think I could keep up with the intensity of Ravenclaw.

Then it happened.

The sorting hat barely touched my head when it shouted "SLYTHERIN!" For the whole hall to hear. I could hear someone behind me in line say "There is no witch or wizard that's gone bad that hasn't been in Slytherin."

My mom was certainly a bit worried. Suddenly, owls were coming in left and right from the Black side of the family, who suddenly had a growing interest in me after hearing the news. My mom carefully monitored my every move for the first few months, but was pleased to see I was making friends from every house and was overall pretty nice to anyone who was nice to me. I do have a bit of a temper though when someone messes with me (or my Hufflepuff friends because come on now).

Oh and did I mention I'm a parselmouth? Yeah, just one other way to make my mom have a heart attack. Oh and did I also mention my grandmother desperately wants me to join up with the Dark Lord? Yeah there's that too! As if teenage years aren't hard enough.
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