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I come from a muggle family, but I always knew there was something different about me. strange things would happen when I was scared or angry. I once turned my bedroom door into a brick wall. I was able to do magic on purpose as well, spending hours in my room making things disappear and reappear, change shape or even levitate. I often caused accidents at home which got me into trouble with my parents. When my letter came I think my parents were relieved more than anything, likely believing they'd been going crazy the past 11 years.. For me it was a ticket to freedom. Out of the miserable world of muggles and into the amazing world of magic! Before arriving i read through all of my textbooks, soaking up all the information I could. I couldn't wait to get there and to start my lessons and learn the possibilities of what I could do!
It's probably for this reason that the sorting hat struggled to place me. During my sorting there was something called a hat stall. The hat was very close to placing me in Ravenclaw, however in the end went with Gryffindor. Since then, I've joined the quidditch team as keeper, work hard in most of my lessons (History of magic is almost as dull as muggle history), and have made many amazing friends. I particularly love care of magical creatures. I always loved dragons as a child, (still do) and apparently have "quite the skill" with creatures magical or not.
Hogwarts is my home and the world of magic is where i belong. I'd take a bludger to the head everyday as long as this stayed my life.
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