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My name is Serina Walburga Black. I was named after my father Regulus Arcturus Black and my grandmother Walburga Black. I never met my mother, but I am told I have her eyes. My uncle Sirius doesn't know about me because grandmother said he would hurt me. But father's portrait tell's me story's about how my uncle and his friends would play pranks on others. They seem like bully's, but not bad people. I know everything I am supposed to know as a Lady of the house of Black, but I do not hate muggles like grandmother wishes. I think they are interesting and create so many wonderful things. Kreacher hides me from Uncle and once he and the order came to stay I have moved to a house that was owned by my mother's brother who isn't my uncle because he was adopted. The pictures were removed by Kreacher, I think my mother might be a horrible woman since no one wants me to know her name. I have cousin's, uncle's and aunt's but I have never met them as they do not know I am alive. Though once they look at the family tree they might try and find me. I hope they do, I would really like to meet them. Grandmother say's that because of how I am that I would be in Slytherin and Kreacher even brought the hat to me one day when Harry Potter became his owner. It even said I was a Slytherin but that I also had the heart of a Ravenclaw, the strength of a Gryphondor and loyalty of a Hufflepuff. I loved that. Oh, I almost forgot, I have a pet Black Mamba. He has a split personality so I named him Gemini. Yes I can talk to him and no I am not related to Lord Slytherin, at least I don't think I am. All I know is that I have been able to talk snake since I was born. In fact, my grandmother says I was speaking snake before I spoke English. Well, I think I talked about myself enough. It's lovely to meet you all.
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