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I grew up like a muggle, having no idea about magic. When I turned eleven, my Wizard father admitted that he knew that either my brother or I would be magical. When my brother turned eleven three years ago, he received no letter, so my father decided that he might be a squib. My father explained everything about the Wizarding World, about Diagon alley, the place where lots I could but my wand and books, Hogwarts, the Scotland wizarding school, Hogsmead, where I would be able to go when I was in third year, Harry Potter the great wizard who defeated You-Know-Who, and all the fantastic beasts of the world. I was amazed at how different the Wizarding world was from the 'muggle' world.
When I recently just arrived at Hogwarts for my first year, I met Albus Severus Potter, son of Harry Potter, But he was so popular he probably never take a second glance at me.
I was bullied badly by Harley Summers. In an accident involving Harley throwing me at the Whomping Willow and setting one of its branches on fire, I was killed.
I like to hang out with Helena Ravenclaw even though she is way older than me, and Moaning Myrtle because we both caused trouble for our bullies when we were dead. But I never really found a real friend here at Hogwarts.
My family comes to visit me at Hogsmeade sometimes, but not very often. I hope this year I can make some real friends who will not stab me in the back and set me on fire.
(My wand is Elder Wood and Phoniness feather. 10" and slightly springy)
(My Patronus was a blackbird. When I died, it changed into a shark.)
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