Evelyn Dewerth


A childlike sense of wonderment makes the world brighter, even in the darkest moments.

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Growing up in a muggle household, I was exposed to the wonders of science at a young age. My constant curiosity led things being taken apart and reassembled (not necessarily in a functioning state), and many science magazines lying about my room. Needless to say, my core fascination lied with space. That realm far beyond our clouds. Out there, planets danced a cosmic waltz with the very same sun we shared. The Gas giant of Jupiter, the chaotic orbit of Pluto. Further still were stellar nurseries. A birth place of stars, like our own. Clouds of dust and gasses, soon heating as chemical reactions took place to ignite young stellar bodies. I was enamored.

Soon after receiving my invitation to Hogwarts, I was ecstatic to have something new to sink my fingers into. The chemistry that was called potions here, the manipulation of the very shape of things in transfiguration. What really sent my heart pounding, though, was the chance to study the wizarding branch of Astronomy. An opportunity to see how the stars and my magic could have some link.

In the end, I was left with far more questions than answers though. I see it as my personal duty to bridge the gap between two sciences [muggle and wizard] that have found a warm place in my heart. If I cause a few a explosions along the way...well...I'm not sure how that would happen.

(Before you ask why I'm not in Ravenclaw, I'd kindly direct you to the amazing Hermione Granger who would have done well there herself. I just find loyalty and hard work a far more valuable trait than my pursuit of knowledge.)
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