Evelyn Red


Lost and afraid, young and innocent

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  • Italy


(Older Student) Evelina Von der Brelje Malfoy is now a 6th student at Hogwarts. Although her rich parents are from different schools (her mum Audrey Malfoy Dumont studied at Beauxbatons, instead, her dad, Friedrich Von der Brelje studied at Durmstrang), she choosed Hogwarts, because her parents argued a lot about the school, and she wanted to choose on her own. Evelina, after the first year at Hogwarts, choosed to change her name into Evelyn Red, because she's not related to the Malfoys and she didn't want people to think she's related to them. Evelyn is an ambitious, strong and indepentent girl, she knows what she wants and how to have it, she is really intelligent, she's a genius for her age, and she's really determined, you can see why she was sorted into Slytherin. She has her own vision of the world, and she always speaks for herself. She prefers to be on her own, she's cold, so cold as the ice, but underneath that ice there's a fragile, sensible and scared girl, who needs love, who needs to be accepted. Maybe it's because of her past, or maybe she's just special, but you can tell that she's different from everyone. She cutted her ears to supports domestic elf's rights, she refuses money from her parents, and she prefers to live in the woods, she likes adventures, she likes to discover new places, she loves muggle's music and she wants to be free, free as a bird, so she could fly away from the world.
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