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When I got word that I was allowed to go to Hogwarts; I was happy, but Not extremely surprised. I knew that I would be going to Hogwarts, alike my parents who had already informed me of magic, and it's many uses. I got my first wand when I was around 8 and a half, when me and my father where out running an errand, and we lived quite close to Ivermony.

There were many magical shops around, filled with pets, quills, supplies, robes, and the shop I found most fascinating:
The Wand Shop, called "Main Magical Supply"

I begged my father to go into the shop with me, so we could look around. As I was running around, I tripped over my little feet, and I landed face first on the floor. I turned my head, and then I saw it.
The most beautiful wand I had ever seen before. It was the most elegant shade of wood I had ever seen, with preciously carved details at the handle, with a braided wrap of wood separating the handle from the rest of the wand.

My eyes got bigger as I looked at the price. It was FREE! a free wand, and where I lived, that meant that the wand was extremely stubborn when choosing it's owner. It must have also had dome sort of a more rarer power overall.
It was in the bottom right corner of the display case, and it looked like the owner had tried to hide it without being suspicious. I stood up, rubbed my face, and ran over to my father, dragging him behind me to see the wand. I asked him if I could get it, and he said yes.
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