Simon Jekyll/Damien Hyde

Seventh Year Student

Split Personality Disorder. Or as I like to call it. Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome.

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Backstory: You all know the story of my great grandfather. The famous Dr. Jeykll, or the infamous Mr. Hyde; take your pick as the result is the same. A long line of descendants, the boy always having a split personality of good and evil. My father Jonathon Jekyll (or Howard Hyde) was no different than the rest, a brilliant scientist and an insane killer; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He met my mother Elizabeth several years after he graduated from Hogwarts and began working with potions.. No one is sure if they loved each other or if Hyde had taken what he wanted as usual. She didn't survive the birth to tell me. My father did his best to raise me, his Jekyll brought out mine and the opposite was true for Hyde. Eventually my father snapped completely and began to kill more frequently until driven to the point that the good side of him committed suicide. I found out in the middle of my first year. It was then that I decided that I would find the cure, no matter how Hyde tried to stop me.

So, here we are, my seventh year in Hogwarts. I've managed to keep myself pretty secluded, its too dangerous to risk Hyde getting close to anyone. Yet, the older I get, the more I black out. The more people keep telling me about things I don't remember. The worst moments are when I do remember, and when I can't do anything. I will find a cure! No matter what it ta-

Oh shut up Simon! You're not getting a cure while I'm kicking. Ignore this whiny brat, he's just pissed cause I have the balls to do what he can't. If he finds a cure he'll end up killing me, and I will not let that happen. Despite what you think, Hyde was a great dad! Just a bit eccentric. He wasn't evil, it was being split into that was. It drove even him mad and there's nothing you can do against madness. That's not going to happen to me though! Never.

Character Bios

Simon Jekyll
Appearance: A sharp, angular face. Wide jaw, sharp cheek bones and narrow cheeks. I'm freakishly tall at around 7ft. Dark blue-grey eyes under a black frame for my glasses. Sandy brown hair that's long enough that I have to tie it back with a dark green ribbon. I like very formal clothes. Usually a white button up with a ribbon bowtie, a dark coloured vest, dress pants and shoes. But my favourite thing is my coat, its a dark green gentleman's coat with brass buttons.
Personality: Shy, awkward, very formal, big heart, loyalty, and kind.
Hobbies: Alchemy, potions, reading, poetry, plants, and ballroom dancing (you should see my moves).
Favourites: Books, leather, classical music, medicine, potions class, bow ties, vests, and peanut butter cookies!
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship: Well, its k-kind of hard to date anyone when I'm only half here. But I'm up for it if you are! Just, don't mind Damien.

Damien Hyde
Appearance: A sharp, angular face. Wide jaw, sharp cheek bones and narrow cheeks. Same height set up, 7ft; bow midgets. My eyes are a lighter blue-grey than Simon. I don't need glasses, and I leave my hair long and flowing around. I look like a general mess; getting rid of the vest, bow tie, and all that. I usually wear a black button up, untucked with jeans and leather bracelets. Though, I keep the coat, its a nice coat alright.
Personality: Ambitious, cruel, honest to a fault, dangerous, flirtatious, grumpy, kind of an ass
Hobbies: Guitar, singing, fighting, cursing, flirting, kick boxing, and yes. I can dance but only cause Simon can!
Favourites: My guitar, leather, heavy metal, care for magical creatures, specifically Seraphim, my unicorn(if you tell anyone I will beat the shit out of you), fighting, and spicy food
Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: Single and always ready to mingle. I'm all yours sweet heart.

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