Welcome to the Potions O.W.L.!

Please read the following announcements before joining the course.

1. Since I cannot control whether students consult their notes or not during the exam, I have devised the O.W.L. as an open-book examination and updated its difficulty accordingly. You may freely choose whether you'd like to take the O.W.L. while consulting the lessons and assignments or not, but you may find this test very challenging if you do it close-book style.

2. There are some interdisciplinary questions in the Theory section of this O.W.L. exam. While these questions make for less than 10% of your grade and cover concepts that are not too complex from other subjects, further research on topics related to different courses may be necessary. I've opted to use interdisciplinary questions because knowledge frequently does not fit into neat boxes in the real world, so I figured this would be a good test for students. Do note that interdisciplinary questions can be solved with knowledge arising from the core courses, with the exception of a single question that requires elementary Care of Magical Creatures knowledge.

3. If you think any question is unclear, please reach out to Professor Draekon. Owing to the nature of the exam, it is not guaranteed that further clarification will be given.

4. If you believe an assignment has been graded in error, please reach out to Professor Draekon and provide your Grade ID for that assignment in your message.

5. Suggestions, compliments and constructive criticism about the course are always appreciated. If you have any comments about the Potions O.W.L., please send an owl to Professor Draekon.

The clock strikes gravely, with each sound of the school bell echoing across the halls. You see a huge number of students dart through the corridor, hoping to enter the Great Hall before the doors close on them. Still, you know you are on time - how could you not be, when this test might determine …
Still dazed and confused from the extensive theoretical examination, you shake your head as you stand from the courtyard bench. One hour of break between both parts of the O.W.L. was definitely not enough to renew your energies, and it seems like most people around you feel the exact same way. You …
This is the O.W.L. examination for Potions. You must pass this course with an "Outstanding" to continue on with N.E.W.T. studies in this course.

Students who get an "Exceeds Expectations" will be allowed to proceed to N.E.W.T. studies if they get an "Outstanding" in their Research Log.
Course Prerequisites:
  • PTNS-501

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