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I was sorted into Slytherin! My sorting did take a little longer to preform but that was because the sorting hat didn't know which house to put me in, I am smart, hyper, kind, loyal, but I am also somewhat on the bipolar side of the personality spectrum. I absolutely LOVE charms and DADA, but I don't like Herbology and Astronomy as much as those. I am a muggleborn.....which, being a muggleborn in Slytherin has its downfalls...but other than that I don't really care much for my status in blood. I absolutely love animals and law, so I believe that after I graduate school I want to work in the ministry or work with animals. I have a pet of my own as well! Its a black cat named Apollo, he's the best! He loves being around me and doesn't like being in the center of attention, but he clings to me like I am his life line. I got him from my mother who, along with my father, is a muggle. My mother and I have been together since I was born, my dad left when I was 8 to move to Florida since he was wanted where we lived. So when my mother and I found out that I was a witch, we...didn't really tell my dad. So, he has no clue what I am, he just thinks I'm studying abroad. But since I rarely speak to him, I don't see the point in him knowing of what I am.
(Oh and just a note, I just turned 14)
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