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I'm that kid. You know, the k-pop/Asia obsessed dude? Yup. That's me. That kid.

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Born from pureblood + halfblood parents, until 2002 I, Minhyuk, was a proud halfblood snake. My family was an unusual one: one parent was a Slytherin, and the other a Gryffindor.

They, particularly, were total opposites, leading to very intense and frequent fights caused by little things. In the end, though, their love always won over, which consequently teached me and my siblings a valuable lesson I still remember to this day.

As a result of an unusual pairing like this, our family was a strict, but very affectionate one, with the cunning, pureblood traditional ideas allied with the chivalrous, open-minded valours which were so common in Gryffindors.

The destiny, though, didn't seem to love me nearly as much as my parents. Younger of six siblings, my magic manifested so late everyone thought I was a squib, and even when it eventually did I was considerably weaker than the rest of the family. Still, I lived.

That left sequels on me, though, and everytime I felt the smallest threat about being incapable of using my magic, I entered on a extreme panic situation - which was specially agravated after I entered Hogwarts and, therefore, wasn't allowed to use magic out of the school.

In my years at Hogwarts, my ambition to become more powerful started to grow. Also, I had begun to study about the Philosopher's Stone and nurtured a big interest on replicating it, even making a new one with my own rules.

But my intentions weren't nearly as dark as Voldemort's were, even though our interests and primary goals were the same. The idea of being immortal pleased me, but only because I loved to see how the humanity could evolue through the time, and was keen to see it and experience it in person.

However, that ambition became too much. I begun to be obsessed, therefore, I ended up studying Potions, Charms and Healing in every second of my freetime, no breaks or time for fun, friends or family.

Exhaustion eventually got a hold of me, and in my seventh year, a miscalculated, uncareful mistake - that wouldn't have happened at all if not for my tiredness - while I was testing a potion proved to be fatal.

I haven’t left the school since then. I used to sulk and not accept my condition in the first five years of my life as a ghost, until I eventually realised I ended up getting what I wanted. I had to accept it, and until this January I enjoyed spending my time on helping and pranking students, even though my dream was to be able to do magic again someday.

But on January seventh, the Headmistress of Hogwarts developed a special program for ghosts. In the hope I'd be able to regain a bit of my humanity back, I enrolled on it. And here I am, first year for the second time.

My best class is, ironically, Potions, but I also like Charms, Divination and History of Magic (because if a professor can be a ghost, so can a student). When I’m not studying you can probably find me in my dorm, chilling.
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