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Sorted into Hufflepuff for my loyalty and value for hard work, I find myself questioning why I was a hatstall in the first place. Surely, I couldn't belong in Gryffindor; I am unlike the rest of my family, who are courageous and don't hesitate when it comes to defense. The hat had even considered Ravenclaw for a while, with my love of reading. Though astronomy and herbology are forever my favourite classes, I've found that my family places a high stressor on the practical use of Defense Against the Dark Arts, especially following the war with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I am bullocks at charms, fly poorly, and have burned myself a fair number of times in Potions...

I was born to a high-ranking official in the muggle Ministry and a medi-witch, making me a half-blood. Raised mostly by my mother's Pureblood family, as my parents were busy, I've found it easier to see the way the wizarding world works. My blood status, I feel, hasn't really affected me. My maternal family's influence has afforded me a lot of privilege that honestly makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I was born during the Dark Lord's reign and my family saw it more important to shelter me than to fight. I was raised in our family home in the countryside, with sprawling gardens full of fae-like creatures. Sometimes, I saw my family being bowed to by them, but I only realized that was strange after I entered Hogwarts in the early part of this millenium. We kept no house elf, but sometimes, my toys and books would be away without my doing so.

My greatest strength is my ability to see different sides to each problem and my greatest weakness should be fairly obvious by now- I am rather spineless when it comes to my family. I love them and respect how much they've sacrificed for me to even be in this world. When I graduate, I hope to join Magical Law Enforcement, to my family's delight, but I also love the idea of tending the family home and researching more into my family's ties with the fae. Perhaps, I should consider the department of experimental magic...

Magic is interesting to me in the theoretical- what kinds of magic are there that we don't know about?
What about creatures we've never met? There is so much that we don't know. And I want to.
Time to get to work.

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