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I was the longest hatstall in Sorting Hat history. It took the Sorting Hat 12 agonizing minutes to decide if I was going to be placed in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. In the end, my quick wit and reasoning landed me in Ravenclaw. Although I have nothing against Slytherins, I knew that living that deep in the castle would surely spiral me into a depression. I'm already antisocial enough. Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of friends, I just need time alone to reenergize or I am left drained for weeks. Plus, I look dashing in blue.
My favorite classes so far would have to be History of Magic and Defense Against the Dark Arts. I am pretty sure that I'm also going to enjoy Arithmancy and Muggle Studies once I'm allowed to take those classes. I absolutely despise taking Care of Magical Creatures. I adore Hagrid, but I just can't stand the creatures. I can only stand my Owl because she takes care of herself for the most part and gives me my space.
I was born a half-blood. My mom is a witch and was a Gryffindor and my father is muggleborn. I don't see him often, so he really doesn't matter that much. My parents split years ago. My half-blood status really hasn't hurt my standing in the Wizarding world because my mother is such a well known witch. She currently runs the library at Ilvermorny in America. Being Irish and American born, I'm just surprised that I received my letter from Hogwarts instead of from Ilvermorny. I guess they went off of my Irish heritage instead of the fact that I'm American born.
My greatest strength would have to be my intelligence and my willingness to succeed. I don't quit or give up when things get hard. I"m the first Hogwarts student that is both openly gay and openly transgender, so I've had to deal with being the odd wizard the entire time. I've also had to fight for recognition as a male student at Hogwarts. Most of the professors have been ok with everything, but a couple of the professors are really giving me a hard time about it. Surprisingly enough, the students really don't care. They are really cool about it, but then again, I am in Ravenclaw.
After school I hope to come back to Hogwarts as a professor. I'd love to teach Arithmancy or one of the History based classes. Teaching has always been something that I saw myself doing whether it be in the muggle world or the magical world. I wasn't sure if I was going to inherit my mom's magical skills.
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