My life was a mistake

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I am the unknown sister of Remus Lupin.

It was an accident that I was given birth. My parents painfully made the choice for the sake of my brother and sent me to a faraway British colony called Hong Kong,hoping that I would not be exposed to the threat that my brother posed in every full moon.

Luckily, Hong Kong has became a partly-magical place by then. With hundreds of wizards and witches from Britain and Japan immigrating to Hong Kong for the scenery and diverse culture, magic is no longer a mere foreign imagination.Children were taught about magic and were sent to magical schools by the age of 11.

I was raised by a couple who received education at Hogwarts. My father was a Hufflepuff, and my mother a Gryffindor. I was raised with nice,encouraging parents who didn't emphasize on solely perusing Academic excellence. Instead, I was taught to be passionate yet truthful, and ambitious yet considerate.

My Hogwarts letter came a month later than my 11th birthday. My adoptive parents squealed with Joy and immediately,we went shopping in Diagon alley. My wand was Cypress,Phoenix feather,while 12 1/2 inches in length. The moment when the wand chose me was truly magnificent. Two graceful beams shot out of my wand and danced through the room before it eventually fades. Mr. Olivander stared at me through the eye and said with concern,

"You do indeed resemble your elder brother, Miss Lupin."

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