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I've born in Andorra the 9th february in a muggle family in Andorra. When I went in Hogwarts, I've been a hatstall. The Sorting Hat doubted between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff but he decided to put me on Ravenclaw. Actually, I have qualities of an Hufflepuff but I think I am much Ravenclaw than Hufflepuff... but I don't like competition between all my classmates. I enjoy a lot the classes of History of Magic, Transfiguration, Charms, Astronomy, Ancient Runes and Divination. I don't like so much DADA because I'm a little inofensive. I like to be friend with all the people and this made that even if I am muggleborn, I didn't have a lot of ennemies. I've always been studying and you can find me in the library if you want.

To be honest, my very best quality is that I have imagination, I use to be kind with people and all that others can say about me matter for me. I love chocolate and the colour blue. I love to learn languages too and I know now: spanish, catalan and french as my mother language and english (a little!), italian, latin and I understand portuguese and gallician. I've started to learn ancient greek, german and egyptian hieroglyphs. My great weakness is that I want to be the best in all and I demand a lot for myself, so I stress a lot too. I like to be ind with all the people so sometimes they use me only for that.

If I were in UK when Lord Voldemort rose to power I'll be healer for the Order of the Phoenix because they are most close to my opinions that Voldermort. I'll do anything to have a Wizarding Wolrd that is right and equal for all.

I have a pet: it's a ginger, tabby and white cat called Maahes, like an egyptian god that I love. He's just too adorable, he was born the 3rd July 2016. When I'll go out from Hogwarts, I want to be magi-archaeologist to study History with objects and I want to fight for people's rights. I want to write a lot of History and novel books, too.

What I like, I love:
- Chocolate
- Animals (cats!)
- To take care of people
- Read
- Write
- History
- Sun, beach...
- Flowers: white orchids are my favorites
- Desert: Egypt!
- Mythology
- Divination
- Charms
- Books and their smell

What I disagree/dislike:
- People that is bad with others
- Salt
- Chicken!
- Little dogs, because they make so much noise
- Noise done by surprise
- Surprises... but only when somebody say to me that I'll have a surprise
- DADA... but I don't like Dark Arts...

On Pottermore, an osprey, but I imagine an swallow.

Wand: Spruce wood with a Phoenix feather core 10” and slightly springy flexibility.
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