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To put it simply, I was sorted into slytherin my first year at hogwrats. I am a transfer from illvermorny. Yes, I am a pure-blood, but I could care less about your blood status. I am currently In my fourth year at hogwarts and I am fine with the thrill of almost being killed every year but can we please chill out. I seem like i'm mean and quiet alot but thats just because I think alot. I am what my freinds and family describe as "Over Dramatic". I dont see it though. I am also very talented at making freinds and succeding. I dont know if its luck or just my ambition for succes in all that I do but I enjoy being exceptionol in everything I do. I may come off as attention seeking but in all honesty thats just me. Yes my father is an Ex death eater, (although I think he still hates muggle borns, and tolerates half-bloods), my mother is a Half veela, Half witch. I dont understand how I still look this bad and have a Veela as a mother but oh well. I geusse thats all I have to say.
PS. I value freindships and loyalty but I will turn against you to stand up for what I beleive in. Even if what I beleive in is getting what I need to be succesful.

All in love ~ Ivi
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