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I was sorted into Ravenclaw naturally, my entire family are Ravenclaws, except for one of my older brothers' who was chosen as a Hufflepuff last year. The decision was almost immediate, I'm not even sure the hat touched my head. I'm witty and intelligent it's in my blood, I expected it the second I sat in the chair. I'm excited for Potions and Charms class, Flying class seems daunting but I'm sure Ill do just fine. Hermione is my biggest inspiration, although she isn't a Ravenclaw she is super intelligent and she exactly how I want to be. My mother works in the Ministry and my dad is an Auror, were purebloods but, unlike the Malfoys' I don't see its significance. Its not something I flaunt around either considering we aren't exactly "well known". I know blood relation is extremely important in the Wizarding World, and I know that played a significant factor in the house I was chosen into. I hadn't been born yet, but when he- who-should-not-be-named came, my older siblings told me it was vile. My brother claims he saw his face and lived to tell the tale, but I think that's just rubbish. I like to read, so I know a plethora of potions and charms already that could be useful. Unfortunately I've got the biggest bloody crush on Draco Malfoy and Cedric Diggory, honestly, its quite a distraction, I'm working on it. I'd like to be an Auror just like my Father. I'd like to become a powerful witch, but only for the good of others.I have an cat, her name is Aphrodite, shes the prettiest cat I've ever seen, so I thought I was fitting. Being that I have one brother as a Hufflepuff, makes me wonder if hes actually just different from us or if the hat has made a mistake. He said it took a long time for that hat to decide, maybe it was wrong.
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