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Rory Grace is a pure blood witch in Slytherin House. The Sorting Hat took an unusually long time to decide what house to put her in - switching between Slytherin and Ravenclaw - her father having been a Wizard in Slytherin house. She Offers plenty of characteristics from both houses, but ultimately the Sorting Hat decided that her Slytherin qualities overpowered those of Ravenclaw. She is a pretty smart witch and excelled in almost all of her classes - even becoming a tutor for those who needed it. She took a special liking to Astronomy, History of Magic and her most favorite being Art. (And she absolutely despises Divination). Being a pure blood Slytherin has made Rory particularly intimidating - but in reality she is quiet and loyal to those she is close to. But cross her and it will be the last time that you do such a thing. Her greatest weakness is those that she trusts - it may take her a while to trust someone, but once she does she would do anything for them which can be a weakness in a way. She isn't very coordinated when it comes to sports, but she does enjoy going to quidditch matches with her friends and socializing and watching the game. Rory has no idea what she wants to be once she graduates from Hogwarts. She goes back and fourth between occupation choices, but ultimately has no idea. She grew up as an only child with her father living in their family manor practically in the middle of nowhere. It was a big house for only two people, but they made it work.
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