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[ Basic Information ]

Full name: Athena Renae Everglade
Nickname: (give her some. . .)
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Date of birth: February 25
Blood status: Pure-Blood
Wand: 13 Inches, red oak, phoenix feather core, slightly yielding

[ Appearance ]

Hair colour: flaming copper
Hair style: naturally wavy w/ middle part, typically in a high ponytail
Eye colour: ash green
Skin tone: rosy-pale
Height: five feet four inches
Weight: a hundred and twenty pounds
Clothing style: when not in practical house attire, her style is considered sporty chic
Accessories: a family charm bracelet
Other distinguishing features: freckles peppered all over her, a snake tattoo on her right collarbone

[ Personality ]

Traits: ambitious, athletic, sassy, passionate, traditional, stubborn
Likes: the night sky, butterbeer, quidditch, being outdoors, time with family and friends
Dislikes: heat, silence, bugs, horror movies, hugs, tight or constricting clothing
Good at: quidditch, charms, piano, being on time, baking
Bad at: gardening, singing, hiding her feelings, dancing
Hobbies: photography, baking, playing piano, stolling the school grounds
Fears: fire, failure, large dogs, trolls, voldemort
Ambition: make the quidditch team

[ Family ]

Father: Charles Everglade
Mother: Tiffany Everglade (Hadwick)
Sibling(s): only child
Uncle: James Hadwick and his wife Lana Hadwick (Karny)
Pet: Northern Saw-Whet Owl named Chariot
Social standing: upper middle class
Family background: Almost all of the family has been sorted Hufflepuff, with a stray every now and again. The Everglade family is greatly known for their works in Astronomy, where Tiffany has excelled and Charles having given a small contribution of donations to the Herbology department at Hogwarts. It is quite a shock when not only does their only daughter dislike gardening, but she had been sorted into Slytherin as well.

[ Individual Magic ]

Wand reaction when first held: A quick flash sparked out of it as she circled it for the first time.
Boggart: Large, three-headed dog releasing flames with every bark.
Patronus: Dapple Grey Stallion
Animagus: Not Available
Polyjuice: A golden liquid with auburn flecks throughout.
Amortentia: Butterscotch and cold air with an earthy undertone.

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