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My name is Yoon Sunhee. (last name then first name)

I was sorted into Slytherin house, yes, the green and silver house, the cunning, ambitious, strong leading, achievement orientated house. What's crazy is I honestly was surprised, I thought I was a Hufflepuff, but I know there was a reason for being put in Slytherin maybe the Sorting Hat saw the ambitious and strong leadership qualities that I so graciously exert on a day to day life. I'm just kidding, I don't know why I'm here, but I can tell you next to Harry Potter the hat probably spent just as much time on my head as his. I'll be honest I wasn't particularly drawn to any house when I first got there, the other first-years may have gotten a little annoyed at me and called me a hat stall, that name seemed to have stuck for the next year, but I honestly didn't care, those who pick on others have too much time on their hands and needed to be doing better things.

I have my favourite classes like learning how to fly on a broomstick, though most people thought like that! I also like astronomy because the stars are so interesting to me, alchemy was a surprising favourite for me, though it was good to have some eye candy during those boring theory classes. On the other side, I didn't favour some classes, but not to the point of hating them. Potions were lower on my list, even though I was Slytherin, Professor Snape still managed to give me the heebie-jeebies. What surprised me was Herbology, a class that I don't find too exciting I was managing to thrive in and not needing as much study for, I guess I'm a natural at some things!

I'm a half-blood though I lived with my mother until she got sick, then I was put into the foster program. I didn't know my father, but he was the magic one of my parents, my mother told me that he was, when I was young but I never believed her until the letter came, but being a half-blood in Slytherin put me on thin ice with some of the older students, who claimed I was tainting the pure house, that wasn't everyone though and I manage to ignore those people who have nothing better to do than pick on younger students. I don't care about those people who waste my precious time, but how much I have wished to put a small little jinx on them!

Now don't get me wrong I don't dislike any of the houses but I was a first-year with the 'Golden Trio' though I can hardly understand what’s so golden about them, they only managed to get into trouble every single year though I admit I did love seeing them get into trouble some of the time. The chamber of secrets had been opened, us Slytherins' got a bad reputation with the other houses, just because we produce some bad witches and wizards doesn't mean we all are, okay?

I think my greatest strengths would have to be my resilience and optimism, I have had a crap life, to be honest, but that only made me stronger and I can bounce back from failures and thanks to my optimism and strive to help other people.

My weaknesses would have to be my naivety and stubbornness, now they sometimes can be good things but I tend to be a bit more standoffish and selfish when these things come into play, I'm also very competitive at times and will do what it takes to win, which I guess is me showing my house pride indirectly. I can also be very emotionally inept when it comes to other people's thoughts and feelings.

After I finish school I want to be a Professor or an Author, two very different things but I love the idea of being able to encourage and help younger students to achieve their dreams and goals in life, and maybe write a successful book in my lifetime, so I can be praised for its success.

The most fascinating thing about magic would have to be the endless possibilities it creates and the sense of wonder it leaves in its wake. I may be selfish but I don't see why magic can’t be used for both self-gain and helping those around you, why stick to one thing when you could have it all!

I have my graceful and gorgeous owl named Ji-ah, she understands me as well as I understand her, I tend to talk to her a lot, and if you don't talk to your lifetime companion there is something very wrong with you and you should start.

Something interesting about me for a final thought is that, yes, I may be half witch-half muggle, but I don’t think that my fathers’ family was the only one housing secrets, I have a strong belief that my mothers' side of my family were indeed witches and wizards but it was a recessive gene which lead generations of people to miss out on the magic counterpart. My ancestors from all my family may have been magic!

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