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Freya :
A 15 year old girl , First year , Ravenclaw , who doesn't really like reading but loves books and their interesting stories.Kind and forgiving but will snap back if you take advantage .Has long straight brown hair , Freckles , light green eyes, very short . She has a skinny build but with a little bit of muscle , she's very pale , you could say almost white . British , but the type who never pronounces their T's .

When i was a small child , my mum would tell me stories about famous witches and wizards , her time at hogwarts and her favourite things about it . My Dad never really talked about it , i still don't know why he never told me. I will never know now , when i was 5 years old my mum and him got into a huge fight , even started using magic against each other , he left that same day and i have never heard from him since , i've always wondered why he never contacted me . Anyway , My mum would always go on about how she was so excited for the day i got my acceptance letter , taking me to Diagon Alley , getting my equipment for the first time , and seeing me leave on the train on platform 9 and 3/4 . The amount she talked about it made me worry , what if i don't get accepted , how disappointed and heartbroken she'll be . But since you are reading this i obviously received my letter , you wouldn't believe how happy my mum was . My dad is pure blood and my mum is half-blood so i'm guessing that makes me pure blood? i'm not too sure about that though , never thought about it .

If you want to get to know me here's a few facts about myself :
- I'm Bisexual
-I love dancing
-I love all things fluffy
-I still sometimes sleep with a blanket that i've had since i was born
-I Have a more alt style , not fully but chains and eyeliner are essentials
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