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My name is Juniper Solstice, I have been sorted into Slytherin, and I'm not really sure why. Although it took the hat a mere 5 seconds to make the decision. My favorite classes at Hogwarts are Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, and Astronomy. My least favorite class is Defense Against the Dark Arts but that's mostly because of the constant changing of the teacher. One of my best classes was Flying in first year but I didn't particularly enjoy it, fear of heights I guess. My mother is a muggle and I've never met my father so I don't know if I am a muggle born or a half-blood. But based of the hat's swiftness to put me in Slytherin I think my father was a wizard himself, a Slytherin wizard. Besides taking some crap from some of my fellow Slytherins my blood status hasn't affected me much. My greatest strength, or so I've been told, is my ability to think my way out if the toughest situations. Which comes in great handy when in the company of a certain trio. My greatest weakness is that I'm overly empathetic and that can get in the way of achieving goals that are important. If I'm being honest I have no idea what I want to do after school, although I am very interested in those dragons that the Weasley boy takes care of. What I think is the most fascinating aspect of magic is how it's been kept this huge secret from muggles for centuries and yet has a beautiful world of it's own. I plan on using the wonders of magic to help those in need, mostly animals and plants though. I have an adorable little Elf owl named Bolt, unfortunately he hasn't lived up to his and is quite slow. My family life is a little strange to say the least. When my mother found out I was a wizard she just about passed out and seemed very surprised, which leads me to believe that either I'm a muggle born or my father is a wizard and hid it from my mother. Either way I'm going to be the best witch I can be while hopefully making some friends along the way!
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