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When I was born on May 28, 2007, in a small American midwest town, I never knew who I really was, and certainly not the people around me. I was born, I grew up like any normal kid. Playing outside with friends, relaxing in front of the television, and doing schoolwork. I lived in that small Midwestern town for 9 years until I moved to a town in the middle of England; Godric's Hollow. I never knew anything like I thought I did. I was relaxing one day when my parents wanted to talk to me. Being 9, you could imagine thaMACUSAt I thought that I was in trouble. I went into their room hesitantly and sat down on the bed right between them. I curled up in my mom's lap because she had just gotten done with work and I had missed her. Mom and dad changed my life that day. They told me that they were witches and wizards and that there were more out there. I was dumbstruck, I didn't know what to think, they were known to joke with me before, but the tone in their voices sounded awfully serious. I laughed and said "That can't be true! Everyone says that there is no such thing as magic!" The look in their eyes told me everything I needed to know from that point. the next week, I thought and thought, but I struggled to come up with an explanation, and eventually gave out. I told my parents that I want to be a wizard and learn all of the spells that they knew, and to tell me what they did for a living. They told me everything. They told me about this school that magicians go to to learn everything they need to know called Hogwarts. I also learned that my parents went to Ilvermorny in North America and worked at the MACUSA. I lived a calm, happy life from there on out. Well, until my 11th birthday, I went to sleep on my 11th birthday and my mom and dad gave me hugs and read me a story before they left for the night shift on work. If I had known what was coming my way the next morning, I would have broken my arm to keep them back. A person with a suit saying M.O.M. approached me the next morning, telling me that my parents had perished. Apparently, they were trying to take down an Auror that was under the Imperio curse. They had gotten him cornered the last night with their wand high above their heads, with a huge sense of relief, knowing that they had caught him at last. However, he had managed to escape the magical roped bound onto his arms and sent out a curse from his own wand. Sectumsempra. The word that changed my life yet again. My mom got hit in the neck, dying instantly, and my dad got his arm cut off and abdomen cut halfway through. When I graduate Hogwarts, I want to join St Mungo's and become a healer, because what happened to me that day should happen to no other human being. I want to save them that pain and help their loved ones get better. I got my letter today and I am so excited to do this. for myself, for my parents.
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