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I am sorted into Slytherin house, I guess the sorting house saw great potential and my cunning personality! I was not a hatstall the sorting hat knew immediately where to put me. I haven't had the chance to take classes yet. I am a half-blood. Honestly it hasn't really affected me at all. Now days people don't care as much about your blood status. My greatest strength is being able to come up with quick solutions to get out of any situation with the least amount of damage as possible. My greatest weakness if caring about others too much, I end up getting used. Not sure what I want to do when I leave school, I just sailing in the wind like a leaf on an autumns morning. See where life takes me I guess. The most fascinating thing about magic is being able to just m=about make anything happen with a few words and the flick of a wrist. I would love to be able to use magic to help those I care about, but I also want to able to benefit myself. I just want to lead a happy life. I have a cat, her name is Luna and she is a bit of a strange creature. She likes to curl up on the end of my bed at night but god forbid you try to pat her because you will end up losing half a hand. My family resent me for being the "dark" one, even though Slytherin hasn't got such a bad reputation with all my siblings being the good children they are in Gryffindor well it's no wonder they despise me. Oh well their loss not mine.

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