Bella Fisher

Magical Creatures Student

Hello! As a Ravenclaw, my soul purpose is to work hard and gain any knowledge I can, which leads me to look for new people to befriend and get to know

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As a student at Hogwarts, I always strive towards greatness and accomplishing my goals in the magical world. Those goal just so happen to be using my innate abilities as a parseltongue and animal lover to befriend and tame any creatures I may meet. When coming to Hogwarts for the first time, I befriended Hagrid and he helped me get a head start on my studies with the magical creatures all around us. He quite enjoyed meeting my snake Artemis and finding her to be a gentle serpent.

My family is a long line of wizards both pureblood and muggle born. My mother is a potion genius and expects the same of me, even though I don't understand it much. My father works for the Ministry with their control and laws on magical creatures. What also may surprise a lot of students here is that I was born and raised in Texas but moved to London less than a year ago. It's easy for me to blend in though because aside from being a parseltongue, I've always had the ability to blend into most accents easily. Sometimes my voice will adjust without me noticing when I'm around different people. Sometimes I've let my VERY country accent slip out and let me tell you, heads turn.

My patronus and animagi is the doe and I wouldn't change it for the world. I found out about animagus magic when I was 9 and was determined to complete the process before it came time for school. Since my father worked with the ministry, I was able to learn from some people who had already completed the process and had their animagi. By the time I turned 11 I had turned for the first time into my white doe form. My identifying mark in that form is a very small scar on my brow and darker speckles over my lower back.

My favorite classes are care of magical creatures, charms, and defense against the dark arts.

My absolute favorite things to do in my free time are read, play or care for my creatures, practice my flying and magic, and study for upcoming assignments. It's always best to be prepared. I love my creatures more than life itself, even if they makes some of the other Ravenclaws uncomfortable. My kenyan sandboa is Artemis, she's two feet long and an absolute sweetheart. The only thing she's ever hurt was the mice I had to feed her. My gulf coast toad is named Charlie and he's very shy, only coming out at night. My cat's name is Sunny, and he's an orange tabby with a crook at the end of his tail, making it seem shorter then it is. He's moody and aggressive and usually only relaxes around me.
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