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The successor to Adler Potions, and inspiring in potion and charms.... and Dorm Admin of Slytherin Tower #40656

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Age: 18 Description: 5 foot and 1/4 Personality: Serious and a born hopeless romantic Backstory: I'm not sure why I was chosen to be in Slytherin? The sorting hat didn't enjoy me sitting in the chair, he probably heard each thought rushing through my head, which is my fault completely. But I'm excited to be taking potions and charms this year. But sadly I got stuck in defense against the dark arts, I'm not one for dark arts. And afraid too many people will recognize me, the Adlers are known for potion making, and if I seen taking a dark arts class who knows what the Daily Profit will do. Although I don't stick out, and I am only behind the scenes my two older siblings take the limelight away from me. I'm not sure if I mind it yet or not. so I'll just blend right in. Dad's family owns a store in Diagon Alley, I'm almost positive all of the wizarding world has seen or been to it. but the family business isn't something I want to take on. I always have to work the shop each summer as a way to learn the ropes of the business. But my brother or sister should bare this, not i. what I really want is to be a herbologist or study magical creatures. magic is a gift that is meant to help and heal others, and the creatures have always been misunderstood. This is the year I get out of my comfort zone this is my year.

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