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I am on of the three Hogwarts transfers from Illvermorny. As there are very few Americans in  Hogwarts, I am an outcast, but I know that this is an once in a life time opportunity. I was about to start my fourth year at Illvermorny, but many of the classes are different. So I have decided to do first, second, and third  year classes online until I can get up to speed with my fourth year classmates. I do play quidditch and was one of the best seekers in my class. This is such a big change but I am thankful for the opportunity to be here in Hogwarts with all of you!

My life back at home was always pretty great! My mom, Amelia, is a muggle-born who works for the Wizarding Post, as an editor, back home. My dad, Steven, is a half-blood born and works as a charms and transfiguration teacher. I have two older brothers named Maverick (18) and Parker (16), and a younger sister named Baylie (10). We have a family dog that is named Loki after the god of mischief.  Both of my brothers play quidditch, so naturally I was taught, and can even out play them on some accounts. Family is always super important to me so it has been hard without them, but I know we will se each other soon!

Fun Facts:
• Wand: holly wood with a unicorn hair 15 1/4 inches

• Patronus: White stallion 

• Pet: Black cat

• Mirror of Erised: 

• Bloodline: Pure blood

• Boggart: Bugs

• Amortentia: French toast

• Favorite Potion: Felix Felicis 

• Favorite Quidditch Team: Holyhead Harpies

• Favorite Magical Object: Time Turner

• Favorite Subjects: Charms and History of Magic

• Least Favorite Subjects: Potions 

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