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I was born November 25th, 1979 in London, England. My parents names are Agro and Rafflesia Rosier. I also have an older brother named Darius Rosier. We are a rich, pretentious pureblood family. Both of my parents are well known Death-Eaters. My brother is a year older than me and is in Slytherin. I am also sorted into Slytherin, the Sorting House sorted me before it was even fully placed on my head. This was probably due to my cunning, sly, tactical way of thinking and my ambition and desire to succeed and be the best. My favorite classes are Potions, Astronomy & Herbology, Divination, Charms and Care of Magical Features. I'm also a skilled flyer and a great Chaser and Seeker in Quidditch. I'm also an outstanding Dueler and have never been beat. I hope to be an Alchemist or Potioneer one day. I have a pet black cat named Luna and a snowy owl named Cosmo. I'm very well liked in Hogwarts but also very feared. I use my magic for my own personal benefit but will also use it to help the few people I care about.
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