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Name: Sierra Barrows
Blood Status: Unknown
Age: 17
Character Year: 7th
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance: (profile pic) Dark hair with dark eyes, she's on the shorter side.
Abilities: Parselmouth

History :
I grew up in the foster system jumping from house to house. I always tried my best to stand out and be the ideal child to get adopted someday. I didn't really have an interest in knowing who my family was, I was aware that my mother had passed during child birth and my father never showed up. I was more interested in building a secure future. I was homeschooled along with the other kids at the foster home, this was a perfect opportunity to outshine them, doing so would impress my foster parents and either have them consider keeping me or at least talk good about me and possibly some other family would be interested. All I have tried to be is the mere picture perfect student, and child, I mean who wouldn't want to adopt a sweet good kid? When I was around ten I finally got the news that I had been waiting for, I was getting adopted. A lovely couple had taken interest in me and decided to file the paperwork. You can only imagine how excited I was, after ten years someone finally loved and wanted me. The transition of moving into my new home went smoothly, I dedicated herself to being the best kid my new parents could have asked for, cleaning the house, doing everything I was told, and continuing to do well in school. The night of my eleventh birthday an owl flew through the living room window it held a note addressed to me from a place called Hogwarts. I had never heard of that place before but my parents sure looked like they had seen a ghost, they started avoiding me from that day on and weird people started coming to the house asking me tons of questions, mostly if I knew who my parents were. I was told I would be going to a boarding school, I wasn't too fond of the idea but if that was going to make my parents happy I would do it. The night they sent me off they told me they were leaving town, to not leave Hogwarts and never look for them. Once again an orphan I traveled to Hogwarts where I was sorted into the Slytherin house, the closest thing I've had to a parental figure were the professors so I made it a goal to be the best witch Hogwarts had seen, in hopes of making my teachers proud.

Sierra is what you could call a broken mirror, the image she gives off is not at all what is really going on. She pulls off being a confident strong wizard who doesn't take no for an answer and while all of that may be what people think about her and somewhat true she doesn't have her life that put together. She is insecure, she doesn't understand why she's never good enough. She is attention and touch starved although she doesn't get her attention through drama she settles for teacher's pet. Which in a way has played into her being so talented since she spends time observing and learning from her teachers. She is very hard on herself and will sit there picking and criticizing her imperfections, she's just a troubled soul that wants someone to love her and never leave, but at the same time everyone has proven to her that she's not worthy of feeling love, so her walls are built up high.

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