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Name: Malloria Valentine Grimsdon
Family: The Most Noble House of Grimsdon
Age: 14
Birthday: 15th June
Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand: Gum, 15 in, Phoenix tail hair, Springy
Patronus: White Tiger
Skills: Fluent in Latin
Pets: Fae (Cat)
Boggart: Failure
Favourite Class: Potions
Favourite Food: Roast Pork
Worst Trait: Paranoid, Driven
Goal: To get through life
Sexuality: Straight
Motto: Keep your head down and you won’t get hurt.
Siblings: Ada Grimsdon (Older Sister)
Relationship Status: Taken (Dating Chase Boreal)

My mother and father were convicted murderers. My older sister Ada was born in Azkaban, and so was I. When I was born, I was taken in by my Aunt Chalice, who started teaching me magic very early. I won’t lie, I’m pretty good as well.
When I was sorted I, like my sister, wound up carrying on the Slytherin line. I refuse to associate with Mud bloods and Blood-traitors. My goal is to succeed, and damnit, that’s what I’m going to do. I won’t let down my Aunt and sister.

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