✧* Da Insane Twins *✧

Olivia White+ Trinity Pearl

Hiya! So we're twins, though not normal ones XD.

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<font size= 3>Hii, so we is Trinity nd Olivia. We're twins, but not normal ones. We is crazy, funny, talkative, wierd (WiErD iS gOoD) nd VERY UNIQUE. We one of a kind. Welcome to our wall!!

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<summary>Olivia White</summary>
<font size= 4> Name: Olivia Jade White
♡Nicknames: Tri (anyone), Ity, Mickey or bae (Maddy), Triny (family), Trin (Calvie), Ini (close friends: Calvie, Jenny Weasley, Trinity Pearl, Maddy, Mionie Lovegood), Inity or Nitty (Mionie Lovegood)
♡Relationship Status: Taken
♡Sexuality: Straight
♡Appearance: Black hair, fair skin, hazel eyes, average height
♡Personality: Kind, funny, weird, stubborn, talkative, annoying, crazy, creative, unique
♡Likes: Coffee, music, dancing, karaoke, meh family, meh friends, weirdness, food, k-pop, 1D
♡Dislikes: Mean ppl, ordinary ppl, fake ppl, vegtables, homework
♡Zodiac Sign: Virgo
♡Birthday: September 15
♡Patronus: Lynx
♡House: Ravenclaw
♡FC: Charli D'amelio


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<summary>Trinity Pearl</summary>
<font size= 4> Name: Trinity Pearl
♡Nicknames: Tri, Trin, Trinity, Trineth, Trinsy, Trins, TrinTrin,etc!
♡Relationship Status: Taken by my Jesus <3
♡Sexuality: Straight
♡Personality: Fun, Happy(normally), dramatic af, kindash, WEIRD <3
♡Likes:Art,Writing,Talking,Moving,Compliments,Having fun.
♡Dislikes:Fights,negativism,too much noise,broken promises,lying,breakups.
♡House: Gryffindor
♡Speaks: English and Spanish

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