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My first day at Hogwarts wasn't quite what I expected, I was sorted into Ravenclaw despite coming from a long line of Hufflepuffs. The sorting hat took a while to choose the right house for me, it debated putting me in Gryffindor before revelling in my overwhelming thirst for more knowledge about the world around me. My favourite subject has always been potions. All the impossible possibilities that could be created just by brewing a potion! Oh, it's just amazing! However, astronomy has never really been a favourite of mine. I don't particularly dislike it, I just struggled to get my head wrapped around it.

I'm a pureblood, it's never really affected me but I see how some of the half-bloods and muggle-borns are treated by the purebloods who believe they're superior but the existence of us wizards and witches relies on the marriage between a muggle and wizard/witch! If it weren't for half-bloods and muggle-borns, our kind would've died out long ago! I can't believe attitudes like that still exist, even after Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Grangers time at Hogwarts. Harry and Hermoine aren't pureblood but the three of them are by far some of the best wizards/witches no matter who says differently!

My greatest strength, I would say, is my ability to get out of sticky situations quickly. Whether that's by thinking up scenarios or breaking a million and one rules, no matter the situation, if you need to escape I'm the girl for the job. Whereas I struggle to learn by simply listening. I'm more of a hands-on learner and that can prove difficult in classes such as history of magic. When I graduate from Hogwarts I'd love to either play for a professional quidditch team (specifically the Appleby Arrows) or a Healer so I get to watch friendships grow, learn more about certain curses and continue to explore my love for potions and charms.
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