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‘Sup, name is Liz aka Yuna, Full Time CoMC enthusiast.

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<font face=cursive>~~~~ABOUT ME~~~~
Elizabeth (lizzy) Cataleon, otherwise known as Yuna, was born on a stormy evening on May 13th in Wales. Her mother (pure-blooded witch) worked at the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary at the time, but went to stay with her parents during the last weeks of her pregnancy. Once Lizz was a month old, her mother returned back to the sanctuary. Lizz spent a lot of time at the sanctuary while growing up, when her mother was working in the fields, she was left in the care of Sebastian, the sanctuary's healer. Lizz never knew her own biological father because he left when he found out that her mother was pregnant. But because she absolutely loved Sebastian! And apparently, so did her mother. Sebastian and Hope (Lizz's mother) got married on the first of April 2002, Lizz was 9 years old by then.

When she finally got her Hogwarts letter, Lizz and her family were so excited! Her mother was hoping that she would be sorted in Ravenclaw, as did Sebastian. But the sorting hat placed her in Hufflepuff. Lizz always knew that Ravenclaw wasn’t really her thing. She also thought she wouldn't like school, but she was wrong about that, Lizz absolutely loves school!

Her best class is Care for Magical creatures, but you don’t want to know how long she spends writing and rewriting those essays! she also likes Potions, charms and Herbology because of all the hands on work. Or as Lizzy call it “hands-off-the-quill-work.”

When Lizz is not studying you can probably find her near the greenhouses or the Forbidden Forest and the Black Lake. Lizz also loves Quidditch, so you can find her out on the pitch for the majority of her free time.

Lizzy is a pureblood witch. People know her for her kindness, she really kind towards everyone, even if she doesn't know you. She is Adventurous, Caring, very Genuine and Good-natured. She is a bright witch, she is creative and very Charismatic as well. She also loves pulling pranks, but sometimes, her humour can be a bit dark. Starting at a young age, she has always been interested by magical creatures and herbology, as she grew up around loads of dragons, two crup pups, and a large nature reserve.

<font face=cursive>~~~~MY WAND~~~~
Literally 5 minutes after she received her Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, Lizz and her mother went to Diagon alley, accompanied by Sebastian. They went to Olivander's first, upon her arrival in the shop, Mr. Olivander immediately knew that this customer wasn't going to be easy to handle. It took around 78 minutes and 43 different wands to find the perfect wand for Lizz.

"Ah yes, here I got a Chestnut, with a unicorn hair core, 12 ¼" long and quite bendy flexibility. why won't you give it a go"

As Lizz took the wand in her hands, she felt warm from the inside, the whole room began to smell like sweet, exotic flowers, and gold sparkles appeared from the wand.

"It seems like the wand really likes you", said Olivander. "Chestnut wands are attracted to a very specific group of witches and wizards, these wands generally are owned by Magical Beast Tamers, Herbologist, or those who are natural born broom fliers" he explained with a smile.

And so, Lizz left the shop happy and smiling. Ready for all the adventures she was about to experience with her new wand.
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