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Jade was born in Australia. In 2009. Yes, she still has an accent but anyway. Her father is a wizard and her mother is a muggle. She’s very much like her dad and an obvious daddy’s girl, which is probably why she was so much more invested with magic than the muggle world from the start, having grown up in a mix of both. Her mother preferred the muggle world, where she was raised, over her father’s, so when she was born with two serious heart diseases (Pulmonary Atresia and VSD) she had surgeries in a muggle hospital. One at 3 days (they were rather urgent as she was having trouble breathing), one at 12 months, and one just before she started at Hogwarts. Heart surgery is a very traumatic experience for everyone involved, and her fitness and endurance suffer greatly to this day. Her family recalls it as the scariest moment of their lives, and now are very happy with the outcome: a healthy, happy daughter.

At this point, she barely thinks about it as it seems rather irrelevant now. Her family moved to England when she was 6, and she doesn’t remember much about Australia but you can tell she’s Aussie. She grew up around horses and absolutely loves them (which is no surprise, look at her Patronus!) so she was astonished when her father first told her about hippogriffs!!! She had her first magic accident at the age of 9 when she accidentally blew up a hay shed at their stables. It took a very long time to clean up, and her mother was furious due to the fact she could have been hurt. Her mother blamed her father, who thought it was hilarious (so did Jade, who had a mix of excitement, humor, and surprise about the entire situation) and helped her clean up. It took Jade a whole three days to stop talking about it, that’s how excited she was. She attended a muggle school with her best friend, Hanna (among others), showing clear passions for art and music, until age 11. When she received her letter from Hogwarts she was over the moon and still keeps in touch with Hanna, who believes she’s been sent to a normal boarding school.

Her father was also incredibly excited. Her mother cried that day, out of fear for her safety. That hurt Jade, as she doesn’t understand why she couldn’t be happy with her. Unfortunately, her parents divorced around 16 months ago, which is most likely the reason behind the severity of her anxiety and insecurity. Picking sides and conflict is her least favorite thing, and she blames herself for tearing her family apart at times. Her mother returned to Australia, so she now lives with her father on a farm just outside of London, attending Hogwarts for education. She visits her mother sometimes in the holidays, and they still try to keep in touch as much as possible.
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