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'The unknown origins, and uncommon skills (for a woman of her age) against the dark forces of this world, lend to the mystery that is Ms. Rejna Hunter.
What is known (by fellow classmates, professors, and colleagues)?
-She was born somewhere around the North Sea.
-She prefers taking the train, or a griffin, when travelling.
-Her favourite class was Herbology (it's rumoured that her mother was a healer).
-She apparently favours a strong breakfast tea, and moonlight swims, which once landed her in detention.
-Is rarely seen without a braid in her hair or the unusual silver ring she wears.
-She was a chaser on her Quidditch house team.
-She spent long hours in the Hogwarts library, at a clifftop viewpoint near the castle, and with a small group of friends in Hogsmeade.
-She is multilingual.
-A student by the name "Felix", another member of the Ravenclaw house, became "like a brother" to her during her years at the school. His loyalty is proven in the keeping of her secrets as well. She is also close with the talented healer Freydis Sutherland -a could be relative?
-Her patronus is a wolf.
-She is often seen accompanied by her owl "Shaye", which she once said means "hawk-like".
-She has a scar on her left cheek that she's always refused to talk about.
-She never completed her years of study at Hogwarts. She was called back 'home' for some reason disclosed only to Albus Dumbledore and Ms Mcgonagall. She returned a few years later as a seemingly ''seasoned'' Auror.
Now, even though she is involved in work with the Ministry, she spends much of her time in other parts of Europe. "Her frequent absence and guarded nature would likely not be as acceptable, if she weren't as kind and good at what she does. I know her intentions are pure, but there is much more to her and her story than anyone let's on", says a Ministry employee, name not provided.'
~written by Isadora McKennith, author of 'Classroom Charms to Dark Defence' & Ministry Media writer (words sent to HiH, as Rejna has yet to give any personal information herself).
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