Marlene Curallius

1st Year Student

25, Female, Harry Potter fan since childhood, and a Gryffindor. I tackle this as a role-play experience, so I went with Hufflepuff for my 'character'.

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  • Poland


A scatterbrained Introvert. Curious, friendly, goofy (with some people), but generally socially-awkward and impatient. Animal (and chocolate) lover. INFP.
Hogwarts Pet: An Eagle Owl named Basil.

Wand: 12 3/4", Pine Wood, Unicorn Hair, Quite Bendy
I come from half-blood parentage, with a wizard father and a muggle mother. I first learned about magic when I discovered my father brewing potions and subsequently he explained to us about the existence of the wizarding world. He also explained the strange mishaps happening to me to be signs of me having magical talent. So naturally, I was very excited when finally, a few years later, I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. The hat debated between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, in the end sorting me into the latter. I'm excited to start my journey at Hogwarts; my father's words about magic and its different subjects have always been so fascinating to me!
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