Ima change my backstory soon!

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Name: Olivia Bourne

Age: Not saying...

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Status: Single

Looks: Brown, wavy hair. A couple freckles. Tall

Personality: This depends whether you hate me or not. But I think... Kind, happy, funny.

Aesthetic: Turquoise/ Teal

FC: Selena Gomez


Peaches (Tiger aka Aragog)
Cucumber (Hollis)
Tils (ask)

I notice I am short of nicknames. Any ideas?

Song for everyone who cares about me, and who I care about: Be Happy
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<summary>What my friends think about me! </summary>


<summary>What I think about my friends! </summary>

Aragog (Tiger): I haven't got enough words to describe how awesome you are! You make me laugh and you make me happy too!

Trinity: OK so... You are kind, thoughtful and you help people so much! You have made a huge difference to HiH.

Jemma: We have argued in the past, but really, what I care about is now. Thanks for being amazing!

• daisy •: You are delightful and a Marvel fangirl too! What more could you ask for?

Angie: Your personality is brilliant. Also, you love rock and roll, just like me. Rock on, Angie!

Hollis: You are super. Through the roof. You as a person, are genuinely yourself. What I mean is, you don't have a fake personality at all.

Please owl me if you think I missed you

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